Herbal Blends - A collection of delicious caffeine-free loose leaf tea blends.

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Botanik Herbs & Tea

Herbal Blends

Herbal Blends

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Hibiscus Blend Description

18 gram package - 9 servings

Hibiscus Blend was the very first blend created at Botanik. Our robust hibiscus flowers from Africa are balanced with a brightness of ginger & peppermint, with a touch of piny complexity from California rosemary.

Chamomile Calm Description

Coming Soon

Lemon Mint Description

14 gram package - 7 servings

Lemon Mint frames an exceptional, naturally sweet spearmint, complemented by lemon peel and lemon grass.

Turmeric Ginger Description

18 gram package - 9 servings

Turmeric Ginger is a delicious health tonic intended to soothe your body. The cinnamon-driven spice blend creates a cozy flavor profile reminiscent of chai, with the addition of ginger, which leaves a bright lingering finish.

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The collection that started it all - Signature Blends collection creates exceptional flavor profiles, while leaving room to appreciate the special elements of each outstanding ingredient individually.

Try brewed hot for comforting warmth or iced for vitalizing refreshment.

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