Hi, I'm Garrett the founder of Botanik.

I've been drawn to the magic of tea for most of my life. It amazes me how well tea can perfectly compliment so many moments throughout our days. Whether seeking an energetic boost, comforting calmness, or perhaps a unique feeling that is somewhere between, it is amazing how quality tea delivers for us without failure.


My goal when starting Botanik that will always be upheld is to increase the accessibility and intrigue of tea in the United States. While tea is the second most-consumed drink behind only water globally, it is still niche here. Perhaps that is because American tea culture has been steeping too long with stale paper tea bags filled with dull lifeless products. So much tea here is sprayed with artificial flavorings to vaguely taste like fruits. Let's move past that stuff together.


You will never see mysterious "natural flavors" in our ingredients lists. We believe that wonderful flavors are produced in nature, not in laboratories.

You can always count on top-quality ingredients that are grown with respect for local ecosystems and heavily screened for contaminants. Sourcing is one of the most fun parts of my job, and I take it very seriously.

You can count on fair pricing and an impressive quality-to-price ratio to spread the love of tea and make excellent tea accessible.

With that being said about pricing, know that we are 100% interdependently owned and operated. That means there is no venture capital overlord who only cares about their profit.


Thank you very much for your interest in our teas. I hope they serve you well.