Early Days

Botanik Herbs & Tea started in the fall of 2017 in the small agricultural college town of Davis, California. Taking pride in growing and sourcing local herbs to use in blends, the business gained acceptance into coveted farmers markets. Making a public debut the following spring, Botanik became a hit brewing world-class tea, tea lattes and iced teas. At the time, offerings were comprised exclusively of what is now known as our Signature Blends collection. Soon by popular demand, packaged teas became available for purchase. While originally planning to expand with more pop-up cafe booths and partner in opening brick-and-mortar cafes, the Botanik journey began to shift.

Along Came Matcha

Having become enamored by the unique energetic effects of Japanese matcha, founder Garrett Bevins set out on a relentless hunt to bring amazing matcha into the slew of Botanik offerings. After originally landing on a blended matcha from the popular Uji region, a monumental step forward for the company came when discovering matcha from a smaller producer in the lesser-known Shizuoka Prefecture. This matcha aligned with core company values relating to sustainable production practices and brilliant sensory attributes. What is now the basis of our flag-ship products, the Single Origin Shizuoka matcha was introduced in late 2019 and boomed out of the gates.

Where We Are Now

We are proud to now reach a national audience. Product offerings have expanded to include blends, single origin teas, yerba mates and multiple uniquely flavored matchas. Through our wholesale program, our matcha is brewed behind many cafe bars across the country. Our goal remains to curate an industry-leading lineup, making amazing teas accessible to all.